Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bringing the light back-when it's good, it's very good!

Summer in Berkeley - nice and cool, 67 degrees, blue jeans and down vest will get you all around town! Berkeley Bowl, never to be beaten in terms of the array and quality of vegetables and fruit is jammed pack. It's kind of an intelligence course, just to get around -there are no aisles, and everything would be cool except for the people who are talking on cell phones while folks dodge and weave-bags of produce in their hands. Still folks are willing to make contact, meet eyes and exchange pleasantries. After all, it's Sunday!

So different from the Whole Foods crowd who are considerably younger and more well dressed, and well, I'll go ahead and say it, not as concerned with the bill at the line at the end of their shopping. Having lived in the neighborhood for 13 years, I've noticed the snob effect at the Telegraph Whole Foods has given way to the real competition they have for good produce and better prices at Berkeley Bowl. The Deli at the Whole Foods however is hard to beat. One lady standing next to me said, why cook for one, and I think most of the people who show up there are cooking for one or two at most at the prices offered. Still the quality is very consistent and reliable. I've come to Whole Foods this Sunday for the Coconut Sorbet, which if you haven't tried it would be worth the quick trip in and out-Coconut Bliss. It tastes like it sounds.

The students are gone this time of year, most returning in August so this time of year you can get into the theatres and restaurants, no problem and parking is accessible. Sunday in the City, Summer in the City-Berkeley is a treasure.

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